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Intergraph Registered Solutions Center

In parallel to the Registered Solutions Provider program, Intergraph Registered Solutions Centers (RSC) consist of data providers, system integrators, and consulting firms that enter into agreement with us that requires that members maintain at least two Intergraph Certified Developers on staff. Note: Registered Solutions Centers are not authorized resellers of Intergraph technology. However, they influence customers in the adoption of technology through consulting and development services.

This program helps non-reselling partners reduce their overall internal cost and build long-term relationships with customers based on technical expertise and premium, reliable support. Qualified and approved Registered Solutions Centers may also gain access to industry products.

Who can join the Intergraph RSC Program?

  • Consulting firms
  • System integrators
  • Data providers
  • Independent Software Vendors

What are the benefits of the RSC Program?

  • TechNet access
  • SalesNet access
  • Standard development training courses at cost
  • Free update seminars
  • Free development and demo software
  • 30 hours of free e-mail support
  • Discounted additional e-mail support
  • Dedicated support desk
  • Tailored development workshops at cost
  • Entry in online solutions catalog
  • Local sales and marketing coordination
  • International business planning summits
  • Discounted booth at the Intergraph International Users Conference
  • Complimentary Full Registration for the Intergraph International Users Conference
  • Identity kit with logo usage
  • Free certification of up to five developers

What are the requirements of becoming an RSC?

  • Contract with Intergraph subsidiary
  • Two Intergraph Certified Developers

Are there any restrictions for Registered Solutions Centers?

  • RSCs do not have reselling rights

How much does it cost to join the RSC Program?

How do I become an Intergraph Registered Solutions Center?

  • Contact your local Intergraph office, subsidiary or authorized distributor.